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Automobile Accidents and Slip and Falls occur all the time. A minor fender bender or ankle twisting can turn into a big ordeal and add to the amount of stress already in our daily lives. When you or someone you know is involved in an injury accident, don’t let the insurance companies take advantage of you. Please call me after the accident, so I can help you deal with the insurance company and sort through its vast amount of paperwork and requests for medical records and other items. I can also help you obtain the appropriate medical treatment, so that you only have to worry about getting your body back into shape. The person responsible for the negligent behavior that caused your injuries will most likely be represented by an insurance company and its team of attorneys. It is therefore crucial that you also have the best legal representation to protect your interests. I know how tough the insurance companies and its attorneys can be on the injured parties. That is because before starting my own law firm, I represented large insurance companies throughout the State of Florida in various legal matters. These past experiences have brought me great insight into the strategies and logic of insurance companies. I know how the insurance company will investigate your personal injury claims, and I know how to help you obtain the appropriate medical treatment and negotiate a fair settlement for your injuries. If the insurance company is not properly compensating you for your loss, I will protect your interests and rights as the accident victim and injured party. I am never afraid to file a lawsuit and take on the insurance defense attorneys during the course of litigation or in trial so that you can be compensated properly for all of your damages.

CRIMINAL DEFENSE CASES including all Traffic Matters

Those that are accused of criminal acts still have rights that need to be defended. As a former prosecutor, I can make a difference defending your rights. I will seek justice for all of my clients no matter what the criminal charge is or what the maximum penalty may be. I want you to understand all of your legal rights and the entire process of the criminal court system from beginning to end so that you will be comfortable with it, and with me as your attorney. I have defended hundreds of clients over my 20 years as an attorney so when you hire me, you will know that you have a knowledgeable and experienced attorney fighting to protect you and your interests. Therefore, whether it be to obtain a simple legal opinion, or to aggressively defend you at trial, please call me at 954-764-8431 for a free case evaluation today.